Ch. Blu Ridge LoriMar Harbor Mist "Pebbles"
(Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight x Ch. Southland's Confederate Sky, ROM, WB CCA '03)
Whelped 6/30/07


Ch. Countryview Tonight's The Night
Ch. Sealore Just One Night
Sire Delareina's Design Ofa Decade
Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
Ch. Countryview Monumental
Starr's Candle In The Wind
Tartanside Tantalize
Ch. Tartanside Raptorvale Rebel
Ch. Southland's Rebel Of Glory
Dam Raptorvale Glory O'Southland
CH Southland's Confederate Sky,
Southland's Roguish Rhett
Ch. Southland Confederate Clouds
Ch. Tartanside Sophistication