New Ch. Shelana Sky High
(Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight x Ch. Deep River Shelana Crystal Charm, WB CCA '03)
Finished with very limited showing. 2 back to back 5 pt majors going BOS over Specials!
Breeder by Jackie Henson Owned by Jackie Henson

Picture taken at 6 months
Standing at Stud here at Blu Ridge

This picture was taken at 18 months.

Ch. Countryview Tonight's The Night
Ch. Sealore Just One Night
Sire Delareina's Design Ofa Decade
Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight
Ch. Countryview Monumental
Sire of 1999 BOB & BOS to BREED
Starr's Candle In The Wind
Tartanside Tantalize
Ch. Marnus Golden Ruler
Ch. Kirkhaven Knight Ruler
Dam Ch. Studio Carry The Torch
Ch. Deep River Shelana Crystal Charm, 2003 CCA WB
Deep River Snow Clouds
Ch. Deep River Younghaven Snow 'N Ice
Ch. Younghaven Deep River Rapids, ROM